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More than a project is at the time, a permanent activity of the Foundation. At the beginning, our goal was to plant 10.000 trees in the Ashintaco ravine (quebrada Ashintaco), one of the largest in the Guangüiltagua Metropolitan Park in Quito, this park with 576hs has a vegetation cover dominated by eucalyptus (Eucaliptus globulus), an exotic species originating from Australia.

The ravines in Quito are the last remnants of native habitat. What we have sought is to "expand" the native vegetation inside the ravine towards its buffer zone, under a concept of habitat restoration.

We have been able to transform this area, where before there was only pasture, now we have an Andean forest in recovery, it is gratifying to see at first sight, how it is possible to observe a greater presence of birds and insects.


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