Earth day

April, Wednesday 22, 2015

It is celebrated all over the world, we also wanted to contribute on this day. We achieved the goal of planting 250 native trees in the Guangüiltagua Metropolitan Park in Quito, and we did it well.

We had the participation of a group of students from the UDLA (University of the Americas), employees from the Siemens company and a group of young people from the ISMAC Institute of Tumbaco, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMITMENT, WITHOUT YOUR WORK WE WOULD NOT HAVE ACHIEVED THE GOAL.

As we have been doing, and in order to restore the habitat of the Ashintaco ravine in the Metropolitan Park, we planted a great variety of native tree and shrub species, the work was well coordinated, we had enough tools, in the end, all those involved were satisfied, and we hope that nature will too!

There was a nice article about the activity in the newspaper El Comercio, Including the link for those who want to review it:

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