Cooperation Agreement Fundación Ecuatoriana de Conservación Sembrando Esperanza Tambo Condor Ecological Project

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Foundation and the Tambo Condor Ecological Project have taken a new step to create an ecological corridor that unites the natural areas of Laguna De Las Secas and Cerro Yeguapamba. 

Thanks Einstein school!!

Saturday 28 February 2020

300 volunteers joined students, families and teachers, we planted 273 trees in the Guangüiltagua Metropolitan Park, it was our last activity before the coronavirus forced us to stop.

Planting with Belcorp and other volunteers

Saturday 28 December 2019

We wanted to end the year planting. Belcorp employees and their families and other volunteers accepted the invitation. 

Planting with Johnson & Johnson

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Restoring habitat in Tambo Condor, on the way to Antisana Volcano, at 3500m. It was a tremendous experience, we planted 110 trees with volunteers from Johnson & Johnson (check out the video of this experience). 

Green Station (Estación verde)

23 november 2019

Our "Green Station" was a success, thank you very much to all those who adopted, one, two and up to 36 trees! each one, allowed us to deliver 180 trees in adoption, a good record, more trees, more life, more biodiversity, better city.