Statement of Principles

1. What is happening:

Since the origin of life on our planet, different natural events have caused five mass extinctions of plants and animals, the last one of them 65 million years ago.

Scientific evidence suggests that the Earth is experiencing a new critical period marked by destabilization and redistribution of climate, plus a general increase in temperature. This situation becomes more severe by the consumption of fossil fuels and destruction of ecosystems as the result of human activity. All this together could lead the world towards the sixth mass extinction.

These changes in climate are having an impact both economic and biological, and consequences are estimated to increase exponentially, significantly affecting the welfare of mankind.

2. What we want:

We seek to contribute to reduction of the environmental impacts of this crisis by ensuring the health of ecosystems and biodiversity, as these constitute the fragile mainstay upon which the environment sustains our society and allows it’s development.

We understand that every tree planted, every degraded habitat that is recovered, each protected and/or saved from extinction species, is a concrete contribution to the health of the planet, ensuring a better quality of life for those who inhabit it.

3. Joining forces:

To achieve these objectives, we have formed an organization that will contribute to mitigate this problem, joining those working towards the same goal and those we hope to add. We want our contribution is made with a long-term vision of sustainability of all forms of life, for the benefit of current and future generations.

We want to be an organization in which all those who share our goal may find a space to provide, with work, with ideas, economically or in any way according to their means.

4. Our Mission:

Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity with a long-term and sustainability vision, for the benefit of present and future generations, looking for peaceful coexistence between man and nature.

5. Our course of action:

We will focus our actions to forestation, reforestation, restoration of degraded habitats, establishment of biodiversity reservoirs, promotion and / or development of projects related to carbon sequestration, and / or to reduce the impacts of climate change.

The tree will be our emblem, representing the effort we want to do, planting trees in a project with a 1,000-year horizon.

We will carry on a serious effort on scientific research, which on one hand, enables us to contribute on the knowledge about the best ways to help to the preservation of biodiversity, but also contribute significantly to saving those threatened or endangered.

6. Our work philosophy:

Our actions will be transparent, keeping clear the management information, origin and use resources, financial information, results achieved and impact of our actions.

Decision-making will be supported and responsible. We will keep costs down and promote win-win relationships. Through financial audits ensure appropriate use of resources for the foundation.

We will create a healthy working space, where the team spirit and dedication to the goal will prevail above personal ambitions. We will seek that everyone can develop their skills, gender equality will be the base of our teams integration.

This is how we generate synergies for the benefit of what motivates us: conservation. See how plants and animals recover wasted space, thus contributing to the preservation of biodiversity, and promoting a healthy coexistence between man and nature.

7. Our method:

Our actions will focus on trying that citizens, by becoming aware of these new challenges, take over these tasks, where our organization will provide material support and guidance, so that this effort will convene many others.

We will seek a balance between the uptake of financial resources through grants, project development, contributions of our members, and the generation of own resources by using the internet as a central tool of communication, dissemination and uptake of resources.

We will work on the basis of joining efforts, gathering wills, creation of alliances both with other organizations that share similar goals, as well with the public sector, private sector and civil society organizations, establishment of the principle that the projects developed in the field, are made with the participation and partnership with local communities.