At the beginning of 2011, a group of people who had been working together in environmental conservation and human development, started talking about building a Foundation of our own that will protect nature. We are motivated by our will to impact on the defying situation of the destruction of our natural resources which, if nothing is done, will change life in the planet.

We started working, in a parallel manner,  on two documents. For one, our  Declaration of Principles.

And Our Regulations

We are fund raising the US$4,000 which is the amount that the Environmental Ministry of Ecuador (MAE) requires to establish a Foundation with legal basis. Such, were donated by the Foundation members and friends who believe in our proposals.

On July of 2011, once the resources were gathered, we presented in the Environmental Ministry, all our documents for approval.

On March, 2012, the Foundation was approved by the said Ministry.

On April of the same year, the directory is authorized to operate which gave us green light to legally start working.

We finalized an important phase this year by launching two projects, one being the creation of a web page and the second one with the coalescence of new members. 

On October 18, 2012, the members met in Extraordinary Assembly, and signed for a new Directory which was more attuned to the challenges of the launching of this new Foundation. This was approved by the Ministry of the Environment on January 3, 2013.